for the installation “playground,” garamantis has created a space that not only invites visitors to become part of the artwork but also to create it themselves. through camera and laser-based systems, bodies and movements are captured on the artistic playground. in response, computer-generated visuals are generated. the interactive installation thus becomes a sensually perceptible space. all events happen in real time. visitors immerse themselves playfully in the immersive space. for example, on a wall in the installation, there are luminous touch-sensitive rings that can be touched. the feedback is directly and visually displayed live in another part of the room.

for the artists, the goal is to transform the space and demonstrate how changeable human perception is. as a result, the electronic work is constantly changing itself. every time visitors enter the installation, the artwork changes. they never finish the work.

about garamantis

the studio garamantis combines the latest technology and real life generated computer technology with impressive visuals and interactive experiences. in their immersive room installations, they invite visitors to playfully experience themselves and their surroundings sensually.

garamantis from berlin is a team of approximately 10 creative developers and designs interactive and immersive experiences by combining new technologies and user interfaces with individual software solutions based on real-time 3d visualizations. garamantis is a partner of ars electronica and has been implementing immersive and interactive projects worldwide for exhibitions, organizations, and companies since 2014.

the artworks explore the relationships between the physical and the digital, aiming to create new connections between human bodies and technological innovations in the audience’s consciousness. garamantis studio sees its art as a questioning of new technologies and associated new forms of production.

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