john edmark


blooms are 3d-printed sculptures that come to life when spun under a stroboscopic light. The animation effect of the bloom is achieved through progressive rotations of the golden ratio, phi (ϕ), the same ratio that nature uses to create the spiral patterns we see in pinecones and sunflowers. The rotational speed and flash rate of the bloom are synchronized so that every time the bloom turns 137.5º, a flash occurs. The unique shape and behavior of each bloom are determined by a parametric seed called phi-nome (/fī nōm/), as defined by the artist.

about john edmark

john edmark works with animated 3d-printed sculptures, interactive projections, experimental animations, and film. His site-specific installations explore the manifestations of life through motion, sound, and images. He composes audiovisual experiences that have playful sides. Much of his work deals with patterns that underlie space and growth. His kinetic sculptures and transformable objects provide viewers access to the surprising structures hidden in amorphous space.

john edmark sees his sculptures as an invitation to delve deeper into one’s inner world and discover how amazing it can be.

Experiencing unexpected behavior intensifies the feeling of wonder and joy through the realization that it occurs within the context of actual physical limitations. The works sharpen the complex relationship between facts and perception. In designing and creating his works, John Edmark uses mathematical formulas to pose questions about spatial relationships. He also employs 3D printing, the golden ratio, and motion to make otherwise invisible shapes visible.