“row” is a holographic audiovisual installation from 2020. it features a modular and scalable arrangement of screens that can form rows of varying lengths in any desired shape. the screens display different moving color patterns that appear to float in space. they are played back with slight delays, creating a spatial effect. at the same time, the geometric shapes reflect the space in which the installation and the viewer are located, making it consciously perceptible.

the work demonstrates an interplay of technological data processing, audiovisual perception, and the emergence of language and dialogue. the forefront of this electrifying experience is the connection between sounds, images, and human emotions. in “row,” logical rows, as in mathematics or the twelve notes of the chromatic scale, are the starting point. data rows floating in the air every second are transformed into messages and voices, information bits combined into symbols, symbols into words, forming sentences, which, in turn, translate our ideas and thoughts.

about tundra

tundra is an artist collective for new media, exploring technology as the starting point of their artistic practice and utilizing it for interaction with the viewer and the changing environment. Their central theme revolves around the relationship between information, language, and dialogue. To achieve this, tundra conducts experiments with technology and creates audiovisual experiences.

tundra’s artistic practices encompass a variety of mediums, including a/v performances, sound and light installations, generative art, multimedia avant-garde experiments, and nfts. The conceptual core of their work lies in the quest for a balance between chaos and order, depicted through the fusion of technology and nature, and expressing the ineffable through new forms of art.

the collective was founded in 2013 and is composed of alexandr sinitsa, klim sukhanov, and semyon perevoshchikov. this multidisciplinary collective began as a collaboration between visual artists and electronic music producers, aiming to explore the synesthetic facets of human audiovisual perception. sound, image, and space merge to create new realms of perception for the viewers.

their artworks have been exhibited in museums, galleries, and multimedia art festivals in america, the united kingdom, europe, australia, and asia. the installations of “row” have received international recognition, including being selected by the jury for the 24th japan media arts festival and an individual award in the “light installation” category of the citic press lightening selection in china.

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