abe pazos

a life cycle

a life cycle is a living painting, in which artificial organisms constantly evolve. designed as part of the scholarship modul d – new start culture 2022. computer, software, 65″ 4k vertical display.

from a distance, it resembles a still image. up close, one realizes that it is indeed a fascinating, evolving being that captivates us.

über abe pazos

abe pazos solatie is an artist and creative programmer. he designs still and moving images, sounds, and interactive experiences. software is his main medium. abe pazos writes computer programs that create images and sound. the artworks can take various forms, such as prints or real-time generated images – but the process remains the same. his works are based on mathematics and logic. inspiration is nature, its colors, movements, and shapes.

his art is based on repetition, observation, and random possibilities. the starting point is the written program. the program produces what is visible and audible. the artist leaves the organic development to it. in a feedback loop, the artist modifies the code based on what the program tells him. this process is repeated several times, the outcome is open. privacy is very important to the artist, so he uses GNU/Linux and hundreds of free open-source tools for his creative work.

“inspiration comes from everything around me. I observe and capture patterns, shapes, textures, and behaviors. I think about the rules that led to their existence, and I imitate, remix, and modify these rules. ‘What if…’ is my most important tool.”

“the code allows me to see the things I imagine, to hear sounds, to read movies. it serves as computer-assisted synesthesia by allowing me to transform one kind of media into another kind.”

“I learn something about our world by creating new worlds.” (abe pazos solatie)

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