floating minds

floating minds was exclusively developed for the khroma new media arts center in berlin and had its premiere in april of this year. the project invites visitors to explore their relationship with each other and the world around them through an audiovisual, emotional experience. floating minds is an optimistic and poetic exploration through fragments of places and senses that celebrate uniqueness and togetherness.

this walkable audiovisual work invites visitors to elevate their mood through generative, interactive technology that overlays projections. each visual element of the installation corresponds to a musical instrument and rhythm, creating an individual and dramatic experience. choose from three locations and the moods each place evokes, and let your thoughts and feelings flow freely.

über flora&faunavisions

flora&faunavisions are innovative creators of emotional moments, challenging design and technology since 1999. an ecosystem of international design professionals specializing in the art of creating inspiring content across industries and beyond all expectations. flora&faunavisions work at the intersection of technology and emotion.

from the visionary design studio flora&faunavisions comes a new perspective on the connections between people and places. the city is a multilayered organism brimming with life, noise, and emotions – every street and neighborhood has its own unique personality that blends into an endless kaleidoscope of sounds and sensations. as we navigate the densely packed urban world, we cross boundaries and moods and develop individual connections with the spaces around us.

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