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fireflies is a sound and light sculpture that simulates the emergent behavior of synchronous fireflies. Throughout nature, masses of relatively simple elements can self-organize into behaviors that appear unexpectedly complex.

The installation consists of more than 300 individual firefly objects that sound and light up in various patterns in the space. The synchronized blinking of the fireflies is an anarchic manifestation of order that arises without instruction. Fireflies create a stunning experience by using an algorithm to not only visually but also acoustically mimic this natural phenomenon.

Towards the end of the synchronization process, sound and light waves converge and wash over the visitors, as if a higher structure were emerging from the myriad of individuals. Fireflies analogically bring the emergent algorithm to life.

Each of the fireflies is equipped with a motor. When an individual firefly lights up, the motor starts to vibrate and generates the first layer of sound. To complement the motor’s sound, each element is fitted with two micro-vibrators as well as wings made of foil and paper. By capturing the motion of the motors, a multi-layered sound carpet is created.

touch me not

“touch me not” is an interactive kinetic sound sculpture. It is a reflective sphere with a constant, organic movement. In its solitude, the sculpture peacefully hovers in the air while the sound of its gentle, breath-like movements creates a unique atmosphere.

As visitors approach and intrude into its personal space, the sculpture shrinks, closes itself, and remains still. The work reflects the interaction with our environment, where observation changes the observed object. What one sees is always a projection of their own interpretation, a reflection of their own self.

about kling klang klong

The creative studio “kling klang klong” composes sound and code for immersive sound experiences. Using state-of-the-art, often interactive technology, the studio team creates new approaches to sound-based narratives. In these experiences, they unfold the emotional power of sound in various ways to move visitors.

The studio team is interdisciplinary and consists of composers, sound designers, creative thinkers, scientists, and technologists. Their works can be found internationally in real and virtual environments, art spaces, museums, or events. The works of “kling klang klong” have won various international awards, including ADC Grand Prix (KIR & Event), Gold (Exhibition, Exhibition Craft, Media Usage) in 2021, and Cannes Lions Gold (Creative Data/Bronze (Radio & Audio)) in 2020.

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‍grand prix > kir & event
gold > exhibition > exhibition craft > media usage

if design award
‍professional concept

cannes lions
‍gold > creative data // bronze > radio & audio

one show
‍best in discipline > creative use of data — storytelling
gold > creative use of data — storytelling

‍graphite pencil > sound design & use of music
wood pencil > radio & audio — creative use of technology

new york festivals
‍gold > audio / radio – best use
gold > audio / radio — craft — music / sound design
gold > artistry & craft in advertising — branded content / entertainment — best use of music

adc germany
‍gold > digital communication — data-driven creativity
silver > audio — innovative use of audio
silver > audio-craft — innovation in production
bronze > music / sound — use of original music
silver > event experience — craft — music / sound

reddot design award
winner 2018

international sound awards
winner > ambient sounds