xmtry studio

cellular aether

cellular aether is an interactive art canvas stemming from the convergence of nature and technology. within its domain, viewers don’t merely observe; they become an integral part of the narrative. as they move, an infrared sensor translates their gestures into a cascade of shimmering particles, fluid patterns, and pulsating digital cells.

each visit brings forth a new, dynamic portrait, capturing the essence of life’s continuous evolution and intricate ballet. beyond the visual appeal, cellular aether serves as a reminder of the dance between the ephemeral nature of life and the permanence of art.

about xmtry studio

xmtry studio is a multifaceted multimedia art, sound design, and technology creative studio, seeking to explore the concept of imperception through experimental means. founded in berlin in 2016 by the italian born francesco della toffola, it draws inspiration from a multidisciplinary approach to develop interactive and immersive installations, light art, digital and synthetic artworks. it exemplifies a spirit of experimentation and collaboration, constantly challenging the confluence of technology and art.

over the years, xmtry studio exhibited and collaborated on large scale architectural projection mappings, digital art exhibitions, audiovisual and light art festivals as creative, curator and technologist.

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